About Radar Plugin

A Radar Plugin comparing two materials along numerous dimensions each with its own scale.

The Radar plugin plots data that it finds already open in the wiki in a radial grid with many axis, one for each dimension in the data.

See GitHub for plugin source.


Here we show some live example radar charts bundled with interesting datasets.


The Radar plugin can be configured to display specific dimensions on specific scales. Or it can discover one or both of these from available data.

Specified dimensions and scales:

20 Alpha 30 Beta 50 Gamma

Specified dimensions, unspecified scale:

Alpha Beta Gamma

Unspecified dimensions, specified scale:


Unspecified dimensions and scale (blank line):

Here we work through the various cases. Choose a sample dataset. Then follow its directions.

About the Name

A radar chart look vaguely like an old radar screen from back in the day when they were round and had bright line revolving around the center.

A radar chart is sometimes called a "spider chart" because it also look vaguely like a spider web.

See Wikipedia for general information about radar charts.