Becoming an Activist

In the '80s I became aware that my research offered a better way to program. So I set out to change the world. See Live the Story for my experience in patterns.


People do the darndest things.

I pay attention. Why do they do what they do?

(Consider: having my car stolen made me happy.)

I see a compounding of small mistakes.

(One big mistake, fight a war over it. But many little mistakes, that's just how things are.)


I campaign to fix all the little mistakes at once.

Can't fix them one at a time, that makes things worse.

I campaign by telling a story where everything is better

Its a long story, but I can tell the story a little bit at a time.


(It starts like a whisper campaign. Friends are happy to be in the story and start telling it too.)

The story gets better week after week.

People try fixes and add their experience to the story.

We learn the story, tell the story, live the story.

Over time the story becomes reality.