Innovator's Workshops

Even the most creative of recognized experts depend on each other to know where they can most productively apply their efforts. If you have ideas that are ready for their collective attention they will recognize the opportunity created by your invitation.


When object-oriented programming was bursting into the industrial consciousness I was invited to a workshop to "define object-oriented programming". This was not a challenge high on my list but the list of invitees included most everyone on my need-to-know list. I attended. I don't recall if a definition was forthcoming but lasting relationships were formed.

When our young pattern movement had respectable attention on mailing lists we invited 25 influentials to a resort town in the Rocky Mountains. The 12 that attended hit it off and eventually wrote the presentation that the most well known among us would deliver over and over the following year. We also named the steering group and committed those attending to a public event within a year.