Game Changing Conversation

You and other speakers will talk about your work with respect to how you conceived it, how it's been a paradigm shifting phenomenon in the world.

You will be interacting with the audience, most of whom will be Net Impact members in Asia who are interested in using their careers for good in the world as well as students and professionals in the social enterprise space in Shanghai.

Visionaries will have 10 minutes each to share 1) how they came to the future and what kind of future they are speaking from; 2) what challenges they see for humankind at present; 3) what questions, coaching, or (mentor) gift can they offer us earthlings?

A Gift From My Future

Container shipping and packet switching reliably and efficiently transports goods and information around the world. As a consequence most important problems have become global problems and have been yielding to global attention. Hurray.

However, solutions that once worked now become the problems of the future. Little mistakes compound into dysfunction that can only be corrected by changing everything at once. How is this possible?

I recall how I tackled a similar (though smaller) system dysfunction by assembling like minded reformers and equipped them with a means to tell a complete story of a better future while none of us held more than bits of the big picture in our own experience.

See Becoming an Activist for my story where I change the way computer software is written.

See Live the Story where I express my approach as a series of assertions, first identifying a characteristic problem and then offering a specific solution that worked for me. This is my gift to you.


Here is the logic for the flow on the speaker session [4:00pm-5:15pm China time (12:15am CA time, 6:15am Brazil time)] online by 2pm. time conversion lync

This is my understanding of your work (albeit limited) so please correct any errors in assumptions, and confirm if my understanding is accurate enough to make a transition from your talk to the next speaker.

NOTE: Advise everyone to practice their key points within the 5 minutes time frame, speaking slightly SLOWER than normal, because there will be simultaneous translation (on the side, not with headphones), and also because the equipment had some background buzz and echo (which was fixed) - to ensure good listening.

1) Esther Wojcicki: Creative Commons: a global platform for sharing creativity and knowledge SEGUE: how to leverage the huge amounts of information on the CC? -->

2) Ward Cunningham: rethinking wikis as environments for creating, sharing, and visualizing data SEGUE: big data can be used not only for industrial purposes but also for public good -->

3) Marilyn Hamilton: big cities are big databases - can this help evolve cities and human hive evolutionary intelligences SEGUE: evolutionary development of cities needs evolutionary leaders and players, where will they come from? -->

4) Alex Peake: Code Hero: become the hero in your own hero's journey, crowd-source support, teach the change you want to see in the world! SEGUE: heroes start building a hero movement... -->

5) Edgard Gouveia, Jr. : "Play the Call" game - Local heroes to play a (2 billion person) world-changing game!

Talking Points

I created wiki as a home for activists. I tell this story in a pattern language on

I've recreated wiki as a creative commons where activists can build on each other's work without losing their own identity.

The Wikipedia has built on my work but has necessarily lost the sense of activism in favor of a neutral point of view.

I use data, the interpretation of data, and especially visualization of data as the anchor that can hold a community together with the freedom to invent.

The wiki of our future will host not a single voice, but a chorus of voices, all singing in a key consistent with data, bound by physics, but not bound by past decisions.